10 Things Every MetroWest, Massachusetts Homeowner Should Know About AC Systems
Man on couch using ac system


Ah, summer! MetroWest, Massachusetts has been ping ponging between bright sunny days and muggy rainfalls and we know homeowners need their air conditioning (AC) systems to work smoothly to ensure they stay cool and comfortable.

For many, the thought of an HVAC breakdown during the peak summer season is enough to break into a cold sweat, despite the high temps. Here’s a basic guide to ensure your AC system remains in top condition, and you save on your energy bills, especially when the weather in MetroWest turns hot and humid. 

1. Prioritize Regular AC Maintenance 

An HVAC system isn’t simply “set and forget.” Much like your vehicle, it requires periodic check-ups to run optimally. By scheduling regular professional maintenance, you’re ensuring all components function properly and identifying potential issues before they become costly breakdowns. 

2. Changing Filters is Fundamental 

With the humidity and allergens in the air, especially during a MetroWest summer, your filters are working overtime. Swap out dirty filters every couple of months, or as recommended by the manufacturer, to maintain optimal airflow and efficiency and prevent potential fire hazards. 

3. Keep the Surroundings Clear 

For your exterior AC unit, cleanliness is key. Ensure it’s free from leaves, twigs, or any other debris that could impair its function. Regularly clearing the area and cleaning of the exterior coil a minimum of once a year can make a huge difference in performance. 

Also ensure there’s ample space around your indoor and outdoor units. Never place objects too close, as these can hinder airflow, making the system work harder than necessary and causing your energy costs to creep up.  

4. Keep an Eye on Your Energy Bills 

If your energy bill suddenly spikes without a clear reason, it might indicate an inefficiency or fault within your HVAC system. Regularly track your bills and system performance to catch potential issues early. Give us a call as soon as you noticed an outlier and one of our expert technicians will be out ASAP to diagnose and remedy the issue.  

5. Switch to a Smart Thermostat 

Want to keep cool while being cost-effective? A smart thermostat lets you automate temperature settings based on your daily routine and make changes while you’re on the go, reducing wear on your AC and saving money. 

6. Don’t Underestimate Insulation 

Proper insulation in a MetroWest home does wonders. It ensures that the cool air stays in during summer and out during the winter, so your HAVC system doesn’t have to work as hard.  

7. Educate Yourself 

It’s your home and understanding your HVAC system can only benefit you. Read through your manual and familiarize yourself with its operations, sounds, and peculiarities. That way, you’re in a better position to identify if something’s off and know when DIY will do the trick if you should bring in a professional.  

8. Mark Your Calendar for Regular Cleaning 

While weekly tasks like laundry and vacuuming come second nature to a lot of MetroWest homeowners, it’s easy to forget that the entire HVAC system, including ducts and vents, needs regular cleaning. Set a date on your calendar several times a year to ensure optimal efficiency and healthier indoor air. 

9. Seal the Deal 

Any leaks around your AC unit can lead to an efficiency drop and inflated bills. A little weatherstripping or caulking can often work wonders. If you notice refrigerant line issues, though, it’s best to call the pros. 

10. Entertain an Upgrade 

If your system is more than a decade old or constantly struggles, it might be time to think about an upgrade. Modern systems are designed for better efficiency, which translates to both comfort and savings for MetroWest homeowners. 

Summer in MetroWest, Massachusetts is a time of enjoyment, relaxation, and the occasional barbecue. Don’t let AC woes put a damper on your seasonal vibes. By following these basics, you can ensure your home remains a cool haven, even when the temperature and humidity outside are soaring. If in doubt, remember Monroe Home Solutions is here to help! Stay cool and enjoy the summer!