Should You Switch to a Smart Thermostat?
close up image of a person setting a smart thermostat


On the fence about installing a smart thermostat in your Massachusetts home? You’re in the right place! Here are just some of the reasons why the Monroe Home Solutions team recommends this type of thermostat to homeowners in MetroWest.

The Benefits of Smart Thermostats

1) Convenience

With conventional thermostats, you must manually adjust the settings from a control panel on the wall. With a smart thermostat like a Google Nest or Amazon Smart Thermostat, you can adjust your home’s temperature settings remotely via an app on your smartphone. Plus you can set a schedule based on your habits so you hardly need to touch the thermostat at all!

It also makes it easy to adjust the temperature to “eco mode” when you’re away from home on vacation, so you can lower your energy usage. Or you can turn on the heat or AC 30 minutes before you return home from dinner or a day outing in Boston to ensure that the temperature is just right when you walk in the door.

2) Maintenance Alerts

Another advantage with a smart thermostat is that it makes it easier to stay on top of home maintenance. For instance, it can send you an alert when your furnace filter needs to be changed — or when it detects an extremely hot or cold temperature in your home that could indicate an HVAC issue that needs immediate attention.

3) Improved Efficiency, Lower Energy Bills

A smart thermostat is better for the environment and your wallet. When your home uses less energy to heat and cool it, it reduces the emissions it releases into the MetroWest environment. Less energy consumption also means a lower utility bill each month so you can allocate your funds on other things that are important to you and your family.

4) Compatibility With Other Smart Home Devices

It’s possible for smart thermostats to sync with other smart devices in your home like smart air purifiers and humidifiers to make your home an even more comfortable and healthy environment for you and your family. This requires that the devices be on compatible platforms.

5) Track and Monitor Energy Use

Smart thermostats empower Massachusetts homeowners so they can stay informed about how much energy their house is using and how its energy use has changed over a certain time frame. The energy reports you access through a Google Nest or Amazon Smart Thermostat, for example, often include energy-saving tips so you can further increase your home’s efficiency and save on heating and cooling your home. 

6) Built-In Learning Technology

Depending on the model you install in your home, some smart thermostats are equipped with geofencing. This technology lets it sense when you’re home or away then adjust the temperature accordingly. You can also choose a smart thermostat with room sensors if there’s a particularly drafty room in your house whose temperature needs rigid monitoring when MetroWest weather is extremely hot or cold.

Take Advantage of Smarter Home HVAC Solutions at Monroe Not sure which smart thermostat is right for your home and your home ownership goals? Or want to schedule a smart thermostat installation? Contact us at Monroe Home Solutions. Or explore our other heating and cooling services to find out more about furnace repairs and hot water boiler installs.