Declare Freedom from Clogs: 4 Reasons Why DIY Drain Cleaning Methods Can Actually Make the Problem Worse


As Independence Day approaches, MetroWest, MA homeowners can also declare their freedom from the headache of stubborn drain clogs.

Whether it’s an overflowing kitchen sink or a reluctant shower drain, these blockages often appear manageable without professional help. However, many DIY remedies offer only a temporary that fix often leads to more harm than good. 

Don’t struggle with relentless clogs that only return after a short while. At Monroe Home Solutions, our plumbers stand ready to provide rapid, professional solutions, allowing homeowners to get back to their celebrations and daily routines. We know the allure of DIY drain cleaners can be hard to resist but in the spirit of Independence Day, here are four reasons to liberate yourself from these methods and schedule professional drain cleaning services today! 

Dangerous Exposure to Ineffective & Harmful Chemicals 

The old standby hot water technique and household cleaners are in many MetroWest homeowners’ DIY arsenals, but they often fall short against serious clogs and may even be hazardous. While they may clear enough of a path for water to pass through, they often don’t remove the blockage completely, meaning it quickly builds back up in your pipes. What’s more, these cleaners typically contain harsh, corrosive chemicals that can remain in the air long after they’ve been poured down the drain, putting anyone in the home at risk. Declare your freedom from these potential hazards by turning to professional help for your kitchen and bathroom clogs! 

Risk of Exacerbating an Existing Problem 

Well-meaning attempts to clear drains might accidentally escalate an existing problem. When homeowners take the DIY route, be it with the toilet, sink, tub, or the main drain, these methods could turn a minor issue into a major disaster, causing pipes to burst, connections to loosen, or leaks to emerge.  

Potential Damage to Pipes 

Certain drain cleaners are loaded with high concentrations of hydrochloric acid, a substance that’s as corrosive as it is effective at breaking down clogs. While these cleaners can clear blockages, they can also wear down your pipes and septic system over time. Furthermore, these acidic cleaners can kill off the essential bacteria in your septic system, which help break down waste and prevent future clogs. Keep your home free of damaged pipes by steering clear of these cleaners. 

Overlooking the Larger Issue 

Sometimes a clog is just a clog and others it’s a symptom of a more serious issue. Relying on DIY solutions rather than turning to a professional means you could be flushing dollars down the drain on mitigating that symptom rather than truly curing the problem. Our plumbing professionals will assess your clog and get to the root of it to ensure that it’s gone for good – and any underlying concerns are uncovered and addressed.  

Schedule Your Drain Cleaning Service Today  

While we appreciate the independent spirt of DIY homeowners, we encourage you to reach out to us to book a drain cleaning service when clogs come up. Our professionals will ensure that your MetroWest home remains a safe environment for you and your family, get your pipes flowing freely, uncover any underlying issues, and prevent costly plumbing damage. Schedule your drain cleaning today!