Enjoy Lower Energy Bills and a Warmer House This Winter with Monroe Home Solutions
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Winters in MetroWest, MA, can be brutal. But it’s easy to keep your family warm while reducing your home’s energy use when you tap into Monroe’s heating solutions and smart thermostat services.

Tend to Your Home’s Heart: The Furnace

Furnace maintenance is key to keeping your home comfortably (and safely) heated during MetroWest’s frigid winter weather. Regular upkeep keeps your furnace’s warranty valid, ensures that it operates safely and efficiently, and helps it last longer.

If not already doing so, replace your furnace filter every 90 days, if not sooner. Inspect the blower motor carefully; any weird noises or loud humming can indicate this furnace part needs repair. Enhance air flow in your home when you check all vents to make sure no furniture or other large items are blocking them. Properly seal your home from drafts by investing in weatherstripping for windows and doors and adding insultation to the attic. This, in turn, will reduce your home’s heating load and help lower your energy bills.

DIY furnace maintenance only goes so far, though. At Monroe, we recommend an annual tune-up for your furnace. It’s an easy way to catch smaller problems before they become larger and more expensive ones. (And no one wants to go without heat half-way through the winter here in MetroWest!) Our experienced technicians can also repair or replace furnace parts — or complete a new install if it’s time for a brand-new furnace. Find out more about the heating services we offer at Monroe Home Solutions.

Reduce Your Home’s Energy Use with a Smart Thermostat

A healthy furnace that operates efficiently can curb your home’s energy use a bit. But a smart thermostat is an effective solution to pair with it to really lower your utility bills.

We’re big fans of smart thermostats here at Monroe Home Solutions. These devices have a host of benefits, such as more convenience when monitoring your home’s energy use and staying up to date on home maintenance. Here are some things to consider before you part ways with your conventional thermostat and install a smart one.

When shopping for a smart thermostat, look for one that’s compatible with your HVAC system.  And ensure that the thermostat is compatible with your smartphone’s operating system and other smart home devices. Models that are ENERGY STAR certified will give you the greatest savings on cost and energy.

It’s important to get a smart thermostat that has the features you most want. For instance, if you travel a lot for work, go with a model that has a built-in vacation mode function. Or maybe you need extra prompting to stay on top of air filter changes. Get a thermostat that will send you automated reminders when this task needs completed.

With so many models on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But Monroe technicians are here to help! We’ll guide you through the process of finding the right smart thermostat to fit your home’s HVAC system and meet your family’s preferences, and can even assist with installation!

Heat Your Home Better and Smarter with Monroe

There’s a better and smarter way to heat your home during the colder months in MetroWest, MA. Find out more about Monroe’s furnace and smart thermostat services when you contact us today.