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Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Installation and Repair in MetroWest, MA

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Sink Services in MetroWest, MA

Let’s Fix That

Clogs, leaks, chips, drips, and stains - we can keep you from sinking.

Start Fresh

Whether you’re giving your bathroom a quick rehab, or your kitchen sink just can’t cut it anymore, call us for your sink installation needs.

Seal the Deal

Leaks, puddles, drips, and under sink cabinets that have become a moldy chamber of horrors? Call the friendly professionals at Monroe to seal up that sink.

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Sink Replacement and Installation for MetroWest, MA

Say no to 80’s avocado green! Whether your bathroom or kitchen sink replacement is aesthetic or functional, Monroe Home Solutions 5-Star service is happy to help. Your kitchen sink does all the tough tasks in the room and your bathroom sink has seen its fair share of hard work, but maybe it feels like they are struggling to handle that heavy lifting these days.

Sound familiar? Here’s a trade secret: you shouldn’t have to schedule continuous sink maintenance. Is it time for a new sink? Give us a call.

Our Sink services include:

Kitchen Sink Installation
Kitchen Sink Replacement
Kitchen Sink Repair
Bathroom Sink Installation
Bathroom Sink Replacement
Bathroom Sink Repair
Sink Resealing Services

Don’t see the Sink services you need? Give us a call – we may still be able to help!

Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Repair

We all know what doesn’t belong down the drain, but we also know life happens. From clogged drains, to sinks that won’t fill, Monroe Home Solutions is your place for kitchen and bathroom sink repair.

A sink that can’t hold water or stay full is a sink that’s not sealing properly, and could be hiding a sneaky leak.

A sink that constantly clogs is a recipe for some unpleasant flooding or pipe damage that’s lurking in the walls or under the house, threatening the rooms you rely on every day.

Don’t let consistent sink struggles seep into other areas of your home! Our friendly experts are available for your kitchen and bathroom sink repair today.

Man repairing a bathroom sink
sink sealing services

Sink Sealing Services

There may be a theme to sneaky household leaks….

There are few things to look for when checking the health of your sink:

  • Your sink should sit flush with the countertop.
  • The sealant shouldn’t be discolored, peeling, or worse – nonexistent.
  • It shouldn’t slowly leak when properly stoppered.

An unsealed sink is unprotected from the everyday splashes, spritzes, and waves that your sink creates. Unsealed sinks can cause drips and leaks into crucial spaces in the home, damaging walls, flooring, and electric.

You whole home plumbing health could be at risk because of some simple symptoms. The dedicated experts at Monroe Home Solutions provide sink sealing services to the MetroWest MA area to keep you from facing the hidden horrors of sneaky leaks!


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