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Monroe Home Solutions for Homeowners in Shrewsbury, MA

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Shrewsbury homeowners have more peace of mind when they have a plumbing, heating, or gas problem, knowing that they can rely on Monroe Home Solutions to address the issue quickly and effectively.

Available 24 Hours

While some plumbing and HVAC companies will only come out when it’s convenient for them, Monroe Home Solutions is a refreshing alternative. Give us a call whenever you have a time-sensitive HVAC problem or plumbing emergency.

Wide Range of Services

With years of industry experience, our technicians are well-versed in a variety of home repair issues, from leaky faucets to broken furnaces. No problem is too big or small for Monroe Home Solutions!

Shrewsbury, MA – One of the 43 Metrowest Communities in Our Coverage Area

We give customers prompt service — and the confidence of a plumbing, heating, and gas company familiar with the area.

Owning a home in Shrewsbury has unique challenges — ones that we’re well-acquainted with and equipped to fix here at Monroe Home Solutions. We’re your one-stop source for remedying your home’s heating, cooling, plumbing, natural gas, and emergency repair issues.

Contact us whenever you need a knowledgeable technician that can fix your fridge’s ice maker or your home’s furnace so you can go about your routine in Shrewsbury stress-free. Our wide range of services and reputation for affordability are just two of the reasons why Monroe is a household name for our customers in this suburb.

Monroe Home Solutions serves Shrewbury homes like the one in this image
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Get Quick and Quality Service for Home Plumbing or HVAC Issues in Shrewsbury, MA

While trivia buffs might know Shrewsbury as the place where white chocolate was first produced in the U.S., we know it as a family-oriented suburban hub with excellent schools, scenic parks, and a plethora of local shops to browse. The General Artemas Ward House and Herbert Candies are two favorite attractions for locals and visitors.

Most Shrewsbury residents are homeowners, making it a common location for Monroe house visits. Our Shrewsbury clients have experienced the Monroe Home Solutions advantage firsthand as we’ve resolved many HVAC and plumbing problems in this suburb.

We’re not only more affordable than other local HVAC and plumbing companies, but we promise fast, reliable service no matter what problem you’re calling us about. Here are just some of the common home issues we address in your Shrewsbury residence:

From annual maintenance to emergency plumbing services, Monroe Home Solutions is here to take the worry and stress out of home ownership in Shrewsbury. Our goal is to repair your home’s issues right the first time so you can focus your time and energy on the other to-do’s and priorities on your plate.
a woman with a burst pipe calls Monroe Home Solutions in Shrewsbury Massachusetts

24/7 Service for Urgent Plumbing or HVAC Problems in Your Shrewsbury Home

Here in Shrewsbury, the weather can take a toll on your house — especially during the harsh Massachusetts winters. But it’s nothing that Monroe Home Solutions techs can’t handle! We take broken sump pumps, busted pipes, and dying furnaces in stride — and fix these issues promptly and effectively so you can get back to your daily life with minimal interruption.

Whether you need winterization service to prep your home for the most frigid months, or cooling service to keep your family from sweating out the summer, Monroe Home Solutions is poised and ready to help. Our team’s #1 goal is to keep you and your home comfortable all year long while ensuring that your home’s internal systems function seamlessly. Call us to book an appointment that’s convenient for your schedule.


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