Elevate Mom’s Everyday with Upgraded Appliances on Mother’s Day
Mothers Day Appliance


Every mom deserves a little pampering on Mother’s Day. But why not give the mother figure in your family a gift that she can use and enjoy all year long? Upgrade her appliances with the help of a Monroe Home Solutions technician here in MetroWest! 

Still not convinced that a new appliance is the best gift you can give your mom? Here are just three reasons.  

3 Reasons to Celebrate Mom with an Appliance Upgrade This May  

1. You’ll Save Her Time and Energy 

Moms are the origin of multi-tasking. But with so many jobs to juggle both on the job and at home, they’re often left with little free time and a lack of energy. 

New appliances are designed with the efficiency she needs to shorten household tasks like cooking dinner, washing dishes, and doing laundry. With less time needed for these tasks, she’ll have the freedom to relax and do something more fun with those extra minutes in the day. And, let’s face it, what mom doesn’t want more time and energy on a regular basis (not just once a year)?  

2. You’ll Give Her Greater Convenience and Comfort 

New appliances will bring the mom figure in your life more convenience and comfort. For instance, some modern washing machines can sync with your phone so you can initiate a cycle and monitor a load of laundry right from your phone’s touch screen. This will mean less trips up and down the stairs to “babysit” clothes and linens being washed. 

When you swap out mom’s old appliances for newer ones, you’ll give mom more peace of mind. That’s because the new appliances will have a longer shelf life than her older ones did. She can rest easy knowing that her new stove or dishwasher will provide reliable service for years to come so she won’t have to worry about appliance breakdowns anytime soon.   

3. You’ll Lower Her Utility Bill 

The latest appliances on the market are designed to reduce energy consumption, and in turn, greenhouse gases. According to ENERGY STAR, washing machines that bear the ENERGY STAR label use about 20% less energy and about 30% less water than conventional models.  

An additional bonus of using less energy in the home is lower utility bills each month. So, new appliances are the perfect present to bestow on moms who are environmentally conscious and budget-savvy. As a result, mom will have a bit more money to allocate toward other things she needs or wants for her home (or herself!).  

Let Monroe Simplify Your Appliance Upgrade 

Treat mom to the gift that keeps on giving — new appliances — this May. It’s a simple way to make this Mother’s Day her best one yet! 

And, while you could install them yourself, why not save yourself some time and hassle? Monroe Home Solutions is here to help you hook up those new appliances for mom in MetroWest! Book an appointment with a Monroe Home Solutions technician to make your life easier as you treat your mom to some luxury.